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Back in September 2014, we reported on the handing over of Dakota IJ817 to the Bangladesh Air Force in Delhi. . It was publicly opened for display at the BAF Museum at Tezgaon on 15 February 2015. Air Marshal Enamul Bari inagurated the aircraft in the presence of Indian Air Force officials.

Beefing up the Indian Air Force presence in Tezgaon, a Chetak helicopter joins the BAF Collection. The aircraft was presented by the Defence Minister, Mr. Manohar Parikkar to the Bangladesh Prime Minister. 

Click to Enlarge (Photo Courtesy : Paul Nann)India was the only bulk user of the Folland / HAL Gnat fighter in its single seat variant. Inducted in the late 50s, the Gnat saw more than thirty years of service before being phased out in the early 90s. In the course of their phasing out a few number of them found their way into collections abroad. None of the Gnats that are outside India are flyers. All of them without exception are displayed as static exhibits.

Click to EnlargeThe F-104 Starfighter was undoubtedly one of the most charismatic fighters of the 50s and 60s. It was the first Mach-2 capable fighter in the Indian Subcontinent, when it was inducted into the PAF as part of the Military Asistance Program of the CENTO. It prompted the Indian Air Force to search for a similar aircraft that would balance it.

The HAL HUL-26 Pushpak was a light utility aircraft built by HAL Bangalore to meet ther requirements of Indian Flying Clubs. The aircraft was a licensed copy of the Aeronca Super Chief built in the US and first flew in 1958. Aeronca sold the Super Chief Model 11 type certificate to E. J. Trytek of Syracuse, NY. Though Mr Trytek did not manufacture any airplanes, but he did license Hindustan Aircraft of India to build the Chief as the HUL-26 'Pushpak'. 154 'Pushpaks' were built from 1958 to 1968.

Click to EnlargeThe background on Indian Iskras abroad can be read at this link. There are several other countries in Europe and elsewhere that odd single examples of IAF aircraft that are not the specific ones mentioned in our other pages.

IJ817 01The Indian Air Force is all set to donate a vintage C-47 Dakota to the Bangladesh Air Force. This Dakota, from the IAF Museum's collection - IJ817 is one of the two currently held by it in Palam.


If not for the Indian Air Force flying the Liberator till the late sixties, the world would not have a single flying example as of now. Photograph shows the handing over ceremony of the B-24 Liberator to the Royal Air Force Museum in 1975. Pic Courtesy : HAL Museum via Dr. Shiv Shankar Sastry Click to Enlarge

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