Armed Forces Medical College is a premier medical institute of India acknowledged as a centre of excellence for education and research. It is located in an extensive campus off the Pune - Solapur Highway near the Racecourse in the Hadapsar area. The College is the alma-mater for all the Medical officers commissioned in the armed forces.

In 2012, the AFMC Pune received a MiG-27ML (TS-524) for display and this was put up on view in front of the main building. It forms part of the display alongside an Army tank and the model of a Naval Ship. TS-524 is the fourth known MiG-27 to be on preservation roster in India 


 MiG-27 TS-524 seen in front of the main building of AFMC Pune. In the background can be seen the model of a Navy Missile boat.
 In this view of the close up fo the nose, the serial number on the undercarraige doors are clear enough.  A Vijayanta tank is in the background.
 The rear fuselage of the MiG-27
Another view of the MiG-27 in front of AFMC, Pune

 The general location of the aircraft in Pune can be seen in Google Maps below:


Photos Courtesy of Air Marshal (Retd) Subhash Bhojwani


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