Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh was the largest state in India till the time the new state of Chattisgarh was carved out of it. So called because it really is in the central region of India, the state was home to several airfields from the Second World War. Prominent airfields include Bairagarh (Bhopal), Gwalior, Nagda, Bhilai and others.

Besides the usual suspects, individual warbirds keep turning up in least expected places.

A neglected Dakota at Birlagram Airport. Update 2015: Aircraft sold and dismantled!

Gwalior is home to a Sukhoi-7, but we dont have any pics. Can you help?

C-763, a 1971 war veteran MiG was presented to the Daly College in Indoor by the then CAS, Air Chief Marshal Fali Major.

Sainik School Rewa's newly discovered Krishak and its earlier Harvard - a renewed look at both the aircraft.

The Border Security Force took good care of its Dakotas - and here's exhibit No.1!

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