Sea Hawk IN 244Opposite the Entrance to the Naval Armament Depot in the town of Marmagoa, is displayd the Sea Hawk IN244. Unlike Sea Hawk's abroad, Indian Navy Sea Hawk's are displayed with thier Wings folded. (Pic Courtesy : John Tolland)

With the Military action in 1961 against the Portugese in Goa and subsequent incorporation of Goa, Daman and Diu into the Republic of India, the Indian Navy benefitted the most with the sudden availablity of additional Port facilities. More importantly, Dabolim Air Field , was made into a center of Naval Aviation later on. Today Dabolim forms the cradle of Naval Aviation, providing training facilities as well as shore based facilities for the Naval Strike aircraft when they are not deployed among the carriers.

Another View of IN244 from Marmagoa. The emblem of No.300 INAS Sqn, "White Tigers" displayed prominently on the nose and the tail (Pic Courtesy : Hans van Herk)Click to Enlarge
Click to EnlargeThe aircraft is in good condition as can be seen from this angle. (Pic Copyright : Mr. Ulysses Menezes - Goa World)

For years, The Seahawk (IN244) displayed in the roundabout in Marmagoa was the sole indication of the significance of this place in Naval aviation, besides the visibility of Sea Harriers on thier sorties over the skies of Goa. Another Sea Hawk (IN240) was reported to be preserved in flying condition with the Navy in Dabolim Airfield, but since then the aircraft found itself at the Visakhapatnam Beach.

Aircraft TypeSerial NoRemarks
Sea Hawk IN 244 Gate Gaurdian, Marmagoa

From Dabolim Airfield, the Naval Aviation wing operates a variety of aircraft. Sea Harriers, Tupolev-142s, Illyushin-38s , Dornier-228s are a regular sight in the skies over Goa. Occassionally the incoming passenger flights of Civil Airliners landing at Dabolim recieve 'escorts' from Sea Harriers.

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