An abudance of warbirds decorating important centers of the government can be seen in Delhi.  Besides the Indian Air Force Museum at Palam, which at latest count hosts nearly 34 warbirds of different era, retired aircraft can be seen at government organisations like the WAC HQ at Subroto Park, Air HQ at Vayu Bhavan, Aakash Officers Mess, Various Schools and even public Parks!

MiG-23BN can be seen near Terminal 2 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport at Palam. The airfield underwent extensive re-building between 2006 and 2009. The result has been that many derelict aircraft have been 'culled'.  But the MiG-23BN is a new addition that will be on permanent display. 

Technically Hindon is in Uttar Pradesh state near Ghaziabad. It however falls near to teh National Capital Region and is featured in the Delhi Section. Hindon has been home to a Sukhoi-7 BMK B-747 for years.


Where does one start in a city like Delhi? Delhi has various Defence installations,  has the Safdarjung Airfield which is a civilian airfield that houses the Delhi Flying Club, Palam Airfield which houses both the International Airport as well as the Indian Air Force Station. the IAF's Air HQ at Vayu Bhavan,  The Head Quarters of Western Air Command and more.


A unique experience for an enthusiast of aviation in India would be to pay a visit to the Indian Air Force Museum at Palam. Situated on the outer suburbs of New Delhi, The capital of the Indian Republic, the Museum is quite a distance by road from the centre of the city. But a visit to it is well worth the effort one puts in reaching it.

The only one of its kind in India till the recent unveiling of the Naval Air Museum in Goa, the IAF Museum offers an insight not only into the history of the Indian Air Force but a complete picture of Military aviation in India. Starting from the initial days when Indian aviators flew for the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War, right up to the days of the Kargil Operations. The visitor is regaled with pictures, mementoes, souvenirs, models, and the actual aircraft themselves.

The Vintage Aircraft Flight.

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