A Hunter T66 is preserved in the local park just opposite the Jorhat Circuit House. The aircraft is painted the color scheme of the No.2 Target Tow Flight, "The Banners". The aircraft is placed in a public park called Gandhi Park and was first reported to us by Sanjay Simha way back in early 2000s.

Unidentified Hunter T66 is preserved at the Park near Jorhat's Circuit House. Photo by Sanjay Simha Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge The yellow and orange stripes on the rear fuselage of the Hunter T66 indicates its lineage from 'Banners'. Photo by text-align: justify;"> Sanjay Simha

In 2015, Jeffrey van Summeren contributed the following two photographs that he took in May 2000, probably the earliest photos of this aircraft. Jeffrey's photograph show the Hunter in almost pristine condition with the colorful Banners paint scheme.  The photos do not show a wirefence as the more recent pictures have shown.

The Banners Hunter at Gandhi park in all its colourful glory. Photo by Jeffrey van Summeren
Port view of the Hunter. Photo by Jeffrey van Summeren




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